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b-open is a strategic marketing agency, specialized in CSR and sustainability. We help our clients to find their societal purpose and to build stronger brands.“

Building better brands for a better world” is our mission. Our working area is at the crossroads of CSR- and sustainability policy with marketing and communication.

Businesses must reconnect company success with social progress.
Michael Porter & Mark Kramer


  • Jokkebrokken

    Dutch blog by Bart Brüggenwirth about the new campaign of the Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij (Dutch Energy Company).

  • Growth does not always mean progress

    Dutch blog by Bart Brüggenwirth about the contribution of a brand to social progress  as a new driver for success and growth.

  • You have to get used to it

    Dutch blog by Jeroen Meijering about the new campaign of Coca Cola, taking responsibility and the changing role of companies and brands in society.


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